5 Steps

If your boyfriend has left you high and dry, it can be absolutely devastating for you emotionally – especially if you still have feelings for him. There is no foolproof way of making your boyfriend fall in love with you all over again, but there are ways that you can make yourself desirable again. What that really means is there are five steps you can choose to follow in order to increase your chances of reconciliation like Magic of Making Up shows.

Step #1: Make Yourself Better

exboyfriendWhen your boyfriend left you, you probably looked worse for wear. Now that he’s gone, give yourself a makeover and give him a chance to see everything that he let go. Physical attraction may seem rather shallow in a relationship, but when you want to get back together with someone, you need to pull all the tricks out of the hat. If you look hotter, sexier, and more confident, your ex will start to reconsider his decision to break up with you.

Step #2: Figure Out What Went Wrong

Once you’ve worked a bit on yourself, take the time to reconnect with the past and figure out where your relationship went wrong. The point isn’t to place blame on any one person for the breakup, but to really avoid making the same mistakes again. If your ex was bored, felt unloved, cheated on, or you appeared needy, these are all things you need to reflect on. Additionally, once you found the problem (if it was with you), work on yourself to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Step #3: Learn To Forgive

You both need to work together on learning to forgive each other for the past. It doesn’t matter that your boyfriend broke up with you, or that the reason may have been something you’ve done. Forgiveness can bring you close together, and by talking about the past in a positive manner, you have a chance to start over again.

Step #4: Don’t Start Dating Randomly

Once again, it’s very easy to throw yourself a pity party and date a different guy every week, but it really isn’t attractive to your ex, and won’t make him think about reconciliation. Play around and flirt with a few guys to make your ex jealous, but don’t do anything that could hinder a potential relationship.

Step #5: Initiate Contact

The point is to remind your ex that you’re still around, and even more desirable and sexy than the last time he saw you. Plan a quick “date” to a local coffee shop or a place you used to enjoy together, but the key is not to make him think you’re going on another date, and absolutely don’t sleep with him out of desperation. Just seeing you again can be enough to make him rethink that breaking up with you wasn’t a good idea.

Lastly, don’t get too comfortable when you’ve seen each other a few times and things seem to be working out. You will eventually fall back into your old routine, and if you haven’t really changed, you will just go back to step one– relationship failure!

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